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Here’s a sneak peak at some of the most recent projects I’ve done. Are you ready? Dive in and take a look to get a taste of what I can really do!

Seen everything you need to see and instead want to get ahold of me to start a fun project? Great! Contact the artist of Candice Allen Art by visiting the contact page here!

Graphic Design Desk

Graphic Design

From branding needs such as logos and business cards to marketing necessities such as posters and email campaigns, view what I have created in terms of Graphic Design and Branding!

Illustration Desk

Illustration Work

There are times when custom graphics or iconography are needed for either print or digital purposes. I greatly enjoy creating these personalized illustrations and you can see what I have created for either myself or others here!

Web Design Desk

Web Design

Using softwares like Figma, Sketch, and some SEO knowledge I create website designs for various platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace! Review my website work and dive into those projects here.

How It All Gets Made

My portfolio site, Candice Allen Art, has an array of illustrations and designs! While working either at an agency or through freelance and contract work, no two projects are alike and each possess their own unique challenges and solutions! How does it all get made though? What are the steps that I, the artist, take for each one of these projects whether for fun, freelance, or work? Well you’re in luck! Follow the button to learn more about me and how I create!