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Client: NOVA Academy
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Websites:

NOVA Academy is an organization dedicated to providing high level education for students so that they can get the opportunity to acquire college level credits while finishing high school. NOVA has two campuses, one in Santa Ana and the other in Coachella, so they currently have two separate websites for these schools and needed both sites to be updated and redesigned for their students and employees.

First, a meeting was placed in order to discuss the sitemaps for both campuses and determine how to best organize their content and what pages should be removed or consolidated to new locations. After this was completed the client then handed off their brand guidelines which included the colors and fonts that they needed to stand by. With ADA accessibility in mind we began implementing these color choices and created a uniform web design to use for both campus websites and developed the designs within Figma. Once these designs were approved we then moved to build everything within WordPress using the theme Elementor.

Making sure that NOV Academy was able to manage their site on their end was a large concern for the client as they frequently have text updates to make with their school announcements or class detail updates. After the websites were finished being created we provided training for the client so that they can apply these updates to their content on their own when the need arises.

See how NOVA Academy’s school sites looked the day they went live!