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Client: Zavala Law Group
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Zavala Law Group is a law firm located in Los Angeles as well as New York! Their practices at their law firm range from Civil Rights to Personal Injury Compensation and more. They focus on representing strongly within their communities and because of that they desired a website that could proudly show who they are in a modern, professional, and visually interesting way.

This new website design for Zavala Law Group was first created within the desktop software Sketch, presented using the online platform InVision, and then lastly built using the theme Divi in WordPress.

The site colors were all chosen based upon their current branding, specifically their logo. ADA accessibility for the colors and text was taken into consideration while Zavala Law Group’s new site was being created! Unique features of the site include a plugin that allows for the entire site to be translated into Spanish, as many of their clients are hispanic.

See how Zavala Law Group looked the day it went live!