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Client: Timken Belts
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website: timkenbelts.com

Timken Belts is a machine belt manufacturer that provides high quality belt products for a wide range of heavy machinery.

This website redesign for Timken Belts was first created within the desktop software Sketch, presented using the online platform InVision, and then lastly built using the theme Divi in WordPress. The reason for this website redesign was because their previous website was outdated and slowing down due to the older platform it was built on. Timken Belts was also going through a rebrand and needed the websites styles to be updated along with the web platform provider.

The site colors were all chosen based upon their new logo and branding. ADA accessibility for the colors and text was taken into consideration while Timken Belts’ new site was being developed! Timken Belts’ WordPress website design was created with the client’s desire to better highlight their resource PDFs and product imagery in a more dynamic way. A unique feature of this site is the search function, labeled Interchange Search. This feature was custom made for the site in order to best locate specific products/parts on the website for users.

See how Timken Belts looked the day it went live!