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Client: Susan Rubio
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Susan Rubio is a 2022 senate candidate for California in District 22. Susan desired a modern and simple web design that would be easy for users to navigate and highlight her endorsers and accomplishments as her campaign kicks off during the year of 2022.

This website was designed within the online platform Figma where it was then brought to life in WordPress using the Divi theme. The colors were all determined by the current branding and logo Susan Rubio provided, and the font for the site was chosen for its bold and clean aesthetic. While Susan’s brand colors were very vibrant they strategically placed in order to both coincide with ADA accessibility and also to not overwhelm the pages with too much bold and saturated colors.

Since this web design was kept fairly simple and had minimal text and pages, subtle animations were used for images and headers in order to bring more character  and life to the site. One other unique aspect of this website is that on the gallery subpage, because of the number of high resolution images desired so that users can easily download these assets and use them for themselves, plugins such as Imagify were used so that these could be optimized and not sacrifice website page speed for SEO.

See how Susan Rubio’s site looked the day it went live!