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Client: Sultan Pumper
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Sultan Pumper is a professional septic service company located in Washington state. This company originally had a website built upon an older platform that could no longer sustain updates to keep up with modern browsers. Because of this Sultan Pumper came to us in need of a new website design and platform that they could manage.

With the client’s needs in mind this website was built in WordPress using the Divi theme. All of the colors were chosen based upon the colors of the Sultan Pumper logo and strongly requested by the client as they were adamant to keep the bright yellow, saying that customers often compliment this and recognize this color easily on their septic vehicles. Once colors were selected a design layout was drafted within Figma and then brought over and built into WordPress. Additionally, while going through the design process we kept ADA Accessibility in mind for color contrast, font sizing, and image clarity with alt tags.

This web design for Sultan Pumper was laid out carefully as the client was reluctant to make too many changes, concerned that past users will get confused by all of the updates. After some reassurance and walking the Sultan Pumper owners through the thought process of the design, functionality, and benefits of the updates we were providing we were able to complete their new website.

See how Sultan Pumper’s site looked the day it went live!