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Client: STS Metals
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Websites:,,,,

STS Metals is an organization with several umbrella companies that work with large industries to create specific metal products such as large metal coils, titanium bars, and so on. This company was in need of a redesigned main company site and also the creation of individual sites for their branches which include Sierra Alloys, TSI Titanium, Sierra Sheet & Plate, and Brown Pacific.

This web design was handled by first establishing a main color palette to carry over and tie together all of these sites. Next, a design was created in Figma for the main company site and then a template design was developed for the remaining sites to all share. This template layout would create uniformity while still allowing each site to utilize their own imagery and subtle color changes without deviating too far from the core design elements established early on in the process.

Communication was key for this project as all imagery, logos, and text were to  be provided by the client as they were simultaneously updating their branding while these new website designs were being made. Once everything was approved these designs were then brought to life within WordPress using the Divi theme.

See how STS Metals site looked the day it went live as well as a few pages of their umbrella sites such as Sierra Alloys!