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Client: Sticker Goose Shop
Category: Graphics

Sticker Goose Shop is a small family owned business that works to provide custom fun sayings on stickers in bulk for shops of all kinds! As they work to grow their little online shop they needed a logo that could display the energy and overall vibes they work to produce in their products.

The branding was requested to be: a goose with glasses, beachy, and fun. The client also desired their branding to possess pastel colors such as blues, yellowish golds, and pinks as this palette was very approachable and fit in the  realm of the energy they wanted to showcase in their work.

With all of this in mind I worked to sketch out a fun little goose head with glasses as they originally described. I also provided an alternative of a silhouette of a goose that showed the whole body of the animal as I felt this could also be a strong mark for them and  be a little more versatile in different formats and colors.

I first began work with pencil and paper and then brought everything into Adobe Illustrator where I finalized the design! Upon finalization I provided all of the needed files for Sticker Goose Shop and a quick  style guide for the client to use when needed.

Logo Sketches Sticker Goose
Logo Sketching
Sticker Goose Drafts
Logo Drafts
Sticker Goose Shop Finals
Final Logo
Sticker Goose Shop Sticker Sample