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Client: San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
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San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club is an organization that works to connect with the community of San Dimas and support the local sheriffs. They also provide a way for individuals to volunteer to help with events and take part in other services such as explorer programs.

This web design was first discussed with client where we gathered brand details such as specific colors, logos, and what fonts they would ideally like to see. Then we moved on to creating the design within Figma where it was approved and quickly brought over to WordPress to build out using the Divi theme.

This site was kept fairly simple as the redesign was needed primarily in order to modernize what was originally a very old site design that was difficult to navigate and update. The website is now much easier for the client to manage and also provides an aesthetic that is much more appropriate for their image.

See how San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club site looked the day it went live!