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Client: Redhawk Industries LLC
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Redhawk Industries is an organization that provides packaging solutions for large manufacturing industries such as mills and metal service centers. This company was in need of a simple and clean website as they currently had very little to no online presence when they came to us.

This design was first created and presented to the client within Figma. The web design was created using the brand colors and imagery provided directly from the client. While going through the design process we kept ADA Accessibility in mind for color contrast, font sizing, and image clarity with alt tags.

This website was kept very straightforward and utilized simple animations such as a slider for the homepage and images that will fade in as the users scrolls through the page. Once the site was completed, basic training on how to apply some edits for text or any imagery was provided for the client as well.

See how Redhawk Industries’ site looked the day it went live!