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Client: Ramirez Company
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Graphic Design & Web Design
Current Website: www.rccico.com

The Ramirez Company is a construction organization that specializes in commercial and industrial concrete foundation projects both large and small.

This website was originally on an older platform with outdated styles that were inconsistent with the Ramirez Company branding. This was the driving force for the Ramirez Company to obtain a new web design. They also, while in the process of redesigning their site, needed to update their logo to reflect their full legal company name and contract license.

The primary focus for this project for the Ramirez Company was to ensure their logo could neatly fit all of the abundant content it needed to show while also fitting the new web design as seamlessly as possible. We focused on ensuring all of the colors were consistent and also ADA Accessible for their new website as improving SEO and accessibility was another top priority for them.

Unique integrations for this site included links to Jotforms for contractors and subcontractors for the Ramirez Company and also stylized carousels on the site for projects that are unique to the theme that was used. This web design was first created within the software Sketch and then built on WordPress, utilizing the theme Divi.

Original Logo

Ramirez Company Old Logo

New Logo

Ramirez Company New Logo

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