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Client: Multiplication Center
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website: and

Multiplication Center is a unique organization that actually has several smaller companies under its umbrella that it manages. The core of the organizations as a whole is to help grow churches and their communities in and around the area.

For this project, Multiplication Center desired two of their websites to be updated for both consistency in feel but also to modernize their rather dated and clunky websites. The websites they desired to start with and focus on were for Exponential and Leadership network, both using similar layouts to provide a sense of unity but different brand colors and elements such as dividers and background textures/imagery for visually distinction.

For these WordPress website designs, each was carefully designed in order to follow ADA accessibility with their brand colors and also improve their overall SEO with optimizing elements such as imagery and page speed throughout.

Unique aspects of this project was the challenge of using their current brand guidelines in a manner that would create the sense of unity they were looking for for their websites under the Multiplication Center umbrella. Other challenges included learning a new WordPress theme called Elementor and working with the client’s marketing team effectively so that their content and updated assets such as imagery and icons would be as impactful as possible.

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