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Client: Morris USA
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Morris USA is a construction organization that specializes in commercial and industrial building construction. They also provide services such as architectural design assistance and more.

This website was, although on a current and up-to-date WordPress theme, was in need of a design change as the content was out dated and the imagery was not providing a clear brand story for the company. The user interface also was lacking clear direction on what users should focus on and navigate to on the website.

The primary focus for this web design for the Morris USA was to ensure their website was visually appealing, modern, and functional with up-to-date content. They also desired to use more of their branding colors which consisted of oranges and grays.

Making sure all of their needs and desires were met for this WordPress web design was a unique challenge as their brand color for orange was not considered ADA accessible and this was another primary concern of Morris USA. In order to resolve this obstacle, we utilized drop shadows and gradients in order to still use the orange throughout the site and remain ADA accessible for site users.

Unique integrations for this site included subtle animations for text and incorporations of backgrounds videos in order to give that modern feel Morris USA was after. This web design also used more involved forms for Subcontractors to fill out and upload assets for jobs, which was handled by the third party plugin Gravity Forms.

See how Morris USA looked the day it went live!