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Client: Mavix Community Outreach
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

The Mavix Community Outreach is a fairly new non-profit organization that aims to helped troubled kids fill their free time with going to race courses and engaging with the car world community. Since they are just starting their organization this client was in need of a brand new website.

This web design began with a discussion with the client where they provided their logo, a few images, and briefly explained what sort of color palette they leaned towards. With all of this in mind we began creating a simple one page website design which would showcase all of the details the non-profit currently had to share in an engaging way. Using Figma for the design process we laid out exactly how the text and imagery would be displayed, and once this design was approved we moved on to quickly building everything within WordPress using the Divi theme.

See how Mavix Community Outreach looked the day it went live!

Mavix Homepage