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Client: LaBrada Family Farms
Category: Graphics

For LaBrada Family Farms, they desired a logo that would encompass the present along with their future goals and aspirations. Currently they are a young family owned farm that is focusing on growing beautiful flowers, but eventually will strive to include vegetables and chicken eggs for local markets and business in the area.

With this in mind, the logo was first sketched and then brought in to Adobe Illustrator where I then proceeded to work on creating a logo that could show eggs, flowers, and vegetables all while focusing onĀ  a more pastel and whimsical European aesthetic (as also requested by the client). I presented one logo option with all iconography accounted for and another that focused purely on the french scroll design aspect.

Color wise I focused on the pastels desired but used a strong contrasting dark blue for the text so that it may be as legible as possible. In order to keep the desire color palette and European French feeling all together, I added a faded watercolor floral texture behind the logo.

With all boxes checked off this branding was finished and delivered to the client! To see a visual of the stages the logo went through, see the images below!

Logo Sketching
Logo Drafts
Final Logo