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Client: Fixed Insurance and Caregiving Services
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Websites:

Fixed Insurance and Caregiving Services is a company that focuses on helping individuals navigate and make the right decisions for their insurance needs. This organization was need of a new website design and hosting plan as their current site was difficult to navigate and manage overall.

We first began by discussing branding and acquiring the logo from the client. The client was very insistent on using as many colors as possible so within reason and still making sure there is good contrast for ADA Accessibility we have incorporated as many colors that made sense for this site design. After gaining approval from the web design created in Figma we then moved on to building the site in WordPress using the Divi theme.

This website redesign was unique in that the client was very focused on using as much animation as possible, specifically 3D effects. We were able to utilize certain 3D plugins available for Divi to achieve the interactivity the client desired without compromising too much page speed.

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