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Client: Enthusiast Inc.
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website: enthusiastinc.com

Enthusiast Inc. is a web design agency that works to help small businesses establish a strong online presence with the help of good web design, marketing, and branding even if needed. In order to stay up to date and display the companies constant growth, a new WordPress theme was selected that would allow more design diversity along with stronger SEO capabilities.

For creating this new site design for Enthusiast Inc., the design was first created within Sketch, presented using InVision, and then lastly built using the Divi theme in WordPress.

All assets such as icons were created within Adobe Illustrator and all colors and backgrounds were checked for ADA accessibility throughout the site. These theme allowed for unique features such as slanted and bubbly dividers between sections as well as a much friendlier front and back end interface for both design and developers within the company to use.

See how Enthusiast, Inc. new design looked the day it went live!