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Client: Cypress College Chronicle
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Cypress College Chronicle is a department within Cypress College that displays campus news with articles written by their very own students. Their previous site was unfortunately falling apart with several bandaid solutions to old outdated code and plugins on their WordPress site. A new design and update theme was needed before the new semester began for their school!

This new website design for Cypress College Chronicle was first created within the desktop software Sketch, presented using the online platform InVision, and then lastly built using The7 theme in WordPress.

The site colors were all chosen based upon their current branding, specifically their logo. ADA accessibility for the colors and text was taken into consideration while Cypress College Chronicle’s new site was being created! Unique features of the site include different types of blog feeds and displays, as they have several categories for all of their articles throughout the site.

See how Cypress College Chronicle looked the day it went live!