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Client: Brenda Wiewel Consulting
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Brenda Wiewel Consulting is a small organization dedicated to providing consultation services for non profits and businesses wanting to do more in the community.

This website design for Brenda Wiewel Consulting was created within the online platform Figma and presented virtual using Figma’s presentation capabilities. This web design was then finally brought to life using the theme Divi in WordPress. The reason for this website design was because this is a new consultation business that the founder Brenda was eager to get online in order to present herself in a professional and accessible way.

The Brenda Wiewel Consulting’s site colors were all chosen based upon their logo and branding, keeping ADA accessibility in mind as we ensured contrast and legibility for the entire site. Upon the client’s request, the color palette was kept very limited to a dark red and gold color, so varying hues were implemented in order to provide some contrast and smooth transitions between sections of content.

See how Brenda Wiewel Consulting looked the day it went live!