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Client: Anaheim Rotary
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Anaheim Rotary is an LA Rotary club that was in need of a new website as their old one was beginning to fall behind with browser updates to an extent that started to effect their site functionality. With this opportunity for change the club also took action to update all of their written content, imagery, and site map as well!

For creating this new site design for Anaheim Rotary, the design was first created within Sketch, presented using InVision, and then lastly built using The7 theme in WordPress.

The site colors and background imagery was all created with ADA accessibility in mind so that high contrast would not be an issue even with text hover states. This site also utilized a plugin for DacDB which is an important element for the club members overall.

See how Anaheim Rotary looked the day it went live!