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Client: Acrylatex
Agency: Enthusiast, Inc.
Category: Web Design
Current Website:

Acrylatex is a company dedicated to up-cycling old and used paints both locally and commercially. Up-cycling is a term this company uses to refer to how they recycle, clean, and reuse old leftover paint in order to reduce waste and provide a high quality product that is more sustainable.

This company previously had an older website with a large amount outdated information and desired something more modern and practical for their users. They also wanted to explore an update for their logo and a more set-in-stone color palette for their brand as they had never thoroughly gone through any branding processes before.

With all this in mind I began with providing a more modern version of their logo, maintaining a clear connection to the idea of sustainability with both the color choices and some simple illustrations attached to the typography.

After the logo and colors were finalized I moved forward with creating a more modern web design within Figma that played with larger images provided by the client. I also was careful to maintain ADA Accessibility throughout the site by making sure all of the colors were displaying high contrast, text remained legible in all screen sizes, and all images were provided alt tags.

This web design, after being approved, was built within WordPress using Divi. This website was kept fairly simple and did not require any unique plugins or modules as the client’s site was needed to be more informational and a quick overview of who the company was and how users can purchase and find their product. Outside of the website however, the client was in need of business cards and a letterhead that utilized the new design aesthetics and updated logo seen on the website. After the website design was finalized and built, we moved forward with creating this stationary for the client as seen below.

Original Logo

Acrylatex Old Logo

New Logo

Acrylatex Logo

Business Card Design

Acrylatex Business Cards

Letterhead Design

Acrylatex Letterhead

See how Acrylatex’s site looked the day it went live!