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Welcome To My Website!
As you'll see my portfolio is filled with projects both made for fun and for work! Take a look through it all and enjoy!
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About The Artist 

Hey there! My name is Candice Allen and I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to visit and look through my portfolio site! I created my site using the software Adobe Dreamweaver and coded it all. I am a talented illustrator, designer, and web developer that brings a lot of different and unique perspectives to the table of any project I undertake! I am a young designer with years of experience under my belt and a BA degree in Graphic Design from Point Loma Nazarene University. It is my pursuit and constant goal to find a concept or approach that is able to not only hold its own amongst the vast amount of other projects and art in the world, but also reach and relate to as many people as possible. Art is something that should be enjoyed by all people in all kinds of mediums and creative outlets. I hope that as you look through my site that you enjoy what you see and what I have created. Thank you again for your time and for allowing me to be apart of your artistic journey!

Candice in a Fox Hat
Illustrated Candice Thinking

Preferred Medium

As I have a wide variety of skills and mediums that I have experience with and are capable of doing, as an Illustrator my preferred medium will always be doing classic sketch work with old fashioned pencils, pen, and paper. However with the ever growing programs and devices it is now quickly becoming a preference for me to work on digital sketches through tablets and touch screen devices such as the ipad pro with the apple pen. Because of this, vector art is my preferred digital medium but as I branch out and tinker with the plethora of programs sprouting up for digital art I am becoming more attached to the digital brushes and tools available.

Getting In Touch!

This portfolio site is filled with both past and the most recent works that I have completed and worked on! The site will be updated as frequently as possible and contain all of the various mediums that I experiment with and work to improve with as I continuously grow and explore the world of art! Feel free at any time to reach out and contact the artist, me, with any questions or comments you may have or even follow me on my social media accounts to get easily accessed updates as well of either in progress work or fun personal art projects that did not make their way onto the site!

Want to reach out and have a chat with me? Here's my email!
[email protected]

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