Candice Allens Brand

Illustrator + Designer

Art Created and Designed by Candice Renee Allen of Southern California

The Process

Welcome to my portfolio site! Where an array of illustrations and designs can be found. How does it all get made though? What are the steps that I, the artist, takes for each one of these projects whether they're for fun or work? Well you're in luck! Below is listed all the steps I take with each endeavor I take on!

1. Question & Research

First things first when starting a project! Whether it's illustration, web, or print design I always start the job by doing research into exactly what is needed and must be done!

2. Mockup Time

Now it's time to start sketching! I like to present three rough draft options to show different directions this
project can go.

3. Let's Refine Now

When a design is picked from the previous options its time to start fine tuning all the details and make any revisions needed or requested!

4. It's Done!

We did it! The final product is finalized and either sent off to print, go live on a website, or just be loved!