Graphic Designs

Market Creek Plaza Banner A dual panel banner designed for Market Creek Plaza in San Diego CA using Adobe Illustrator. iQ BannersHangsen iQ Web Banners
Using Adobe CC Photoshop and Illustrator I created various web banner designs for the I Vape iQ website.
iQ Cucumber Juice 1 iQ Cucumber Juice 2
Saint Marks Motto Saint Mark's Episcopal School logo and motto design created using Adobe Illustrator. You Are Royal Book You Are Royal, Children's Book created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign and written by Elizabeth Reed. To view the full book visit: YAR Spread 1 YAR Spread 2 YAR Spread 3 National 66 Guide National Route 66 Guided Tour Ad created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. RCS Icons Resource Computer Solutions set of Icon Graphics created using Adobe Illustrator. Oat of This World Cookies Oat of This World Cookie Package Design
Oat of This World Flat Image of Package design. This was made using Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator for an Innovative Food Creation competition at Cal Poly Pamona CA.
Below are also alternative package designs for the product renamed as "Toates."
Oat of This World Cookies Toates Cookies Packaging Toates Cookies Flat
Sina and Son Transportation Inc Logo Sina & Son Transportations, Inc. Logo created using Adobe Illustrator. iQ Poster Designs Using Adobe CC Photoshop I developed various poster designs for both tradeshow table activities, advertisment for devices, and promotionals as well.
iQ Poster Design 2 iQ Poster Design 3 iQ Poster Design 4
A Walk Through Europe Book A Walk Through Europe Memoire Book created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and written by Candice Allen. To read and view the full book visit: AWTE Spread 1 AWTE Spread 2 AWTE Spread 3 Peel Event Poster 2018 Peel Event Poster for Li Plastic Surgery created using Adobe Illustrator. Magazine Covers Series of Magazine Covers designed for New Media under Fiesta Publications in Monterey Park CA using QuarkXpress and Adobe Illustrator. LBG Fall LBG Spring LBG Winter Quince Fall Quince Spring Quince Winter Big Bear Shirts Big Bear Discovery Center T-Shirt designs created using Adobe Illustrator. BBDC Shirt 1 BBDC Shirt 2 Big Bear Discovery Center Patch Series created using Adobe Illustrator. Eagles Patch BW Eagle Patch Color Bear Patch BW Bear Patch Color RCS Brochure Resource Computer Solutions Brochure created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. RCS Brochure iQ Visual Poster Designs Using Adobe Illustrator CC I developed a visual poster for the new device for iQ. iQ One Visual Poster 2 Li Plastic Header Samples Here are a few exmaples of header samples designed for Li Plastic Surgery's monthly news letter. Header Sample 1 Header Sample 2 Header Sample 3 Li Plastic September Spectacular 2018 Poster Designs Here is the final design followed by alternate designs of event posters for Li Plastic Surgery's annual September Spectacular made using Adobe Illustrator. Poster Alternate Poster Mockup 1 Poster Mockup 2 Poster Mockup 3 Quants Bakery Logo Lockup Here are the final variations of all of Quants Bakery's logo and brand identity. To see the full and complete brand identity of Quants Bakery, view the brand manual here!
Quants Bakery Brand Signature Black and White Brand Stacked Version Quants Bakery Brand Stacked Colored Quants Bakery Final Logo Quants Bakery Social Media Logo Icon
iQ VapeMex Magazine Spread Using Adobe CC Illustrator and Adobe CC Photoshop I created a complete cover spread for a magazine in Mexico to promote the devices of iQ. iQ Juice Packaging Design Using Adobe CC Illustrator and I created a potential packaging design for a juice product for iQ devices.